Which PLAN ME are you?

Plan Me Dated Yearly Planner

A line of annual agendas dated 12 months, with different contents according to the target of reference


 It is the agenda for all women who every day are reconciling their lives as a mother with that of a working woman or simply with their personal life.It combines the commitments and the rhythms of the family with the personal ones and gives ideas for a stress-free management of the life of every super mother.

Plan Me Undated Planner

A line of annual undated agendas, 12 months, with different contents according to the target of reference

PLAN ME #BabyBorn

 Is the agenda that will help you better manage your baby's arrival!With this agenda, beyond your personal and work commitments, you can take note of all the important things for your baby. How much he ate, how much he slept, weight, height, doctor’s appointments, weaning, and of course his first little goals!A complete agenda that will then become a beautiful memory to keep.The agenda lasts 12 months, but you can put the dates on your own and start to complete it with the arrival of your baby!

Plan Me Diary

A series of themed diaries to not forget anything!


A personal lists diary designed to reflect, grow and know yourself better and better, which will always remain among your most beautiful memories.


 A very useful travel diary lists, designed not to forget anything, to assist you during the journey and to become a beautiful memory!

PLAN ME #ChristmasDiary

 A triennial diary all dedicated to Christmas. One of the most intense and busy periods of the year.This diary is designed to organize the Christmas month, so as not to risk repeating gifts, menus and ideas!

Plan Me Desk Line

A desk line, an operational support designed for those who need to never forget anything


 Designed to be a daily support to your activities, to be used for work or personal commitments, for not forgetting anything!


 The perfect tool for weekly programming and management of social and blog publications.