Plan Me #Lists – Travel

Plan Me #Lists – Travel

A diary of lists dedicated to your next trip.

33 lists divided into three sections: program lists, not to forget anything you need to do before leaving (vaccinations, medicine list, services to be booked …); travel project lists, to plan your journey in  details (itineraries, list of places to visit divided into categories, restaurants to eat in, things to do absolutely …); travel list, to take note during the journey of everything you do not want to forget (beautiful, funny moments, places to recommend, things to redo, recipes to redo …).

At the end, a few pages dedicated to a small travel diary.

A very useful travel diary lists, designed not to forget anything, to assist you during the journey and to become a beautiful memory!


Staple binding diary

Classic demimatt matte coated paper

33 lists + little diary:

9 program lists

11 travel project lists

13 travel lists

little diary


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